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Gender Mastectomy / Top Surgery

Gender Mastectomy / Top Surgery

Top surgery, or gender mastectomy, involves direct excision of breast tissue with or without liposuction to create a masculine chest in transgender or gender-expansive patients.

The Lift Plastic Surgery team follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care and requires that patients are 18 years of age and have one letter of readiness for surgery by a mental health provider. Patients younger than 18 may be surgical candidates if the patient, legal guardians and mental health professional are in agreement that delaying surgery would induce patient harm.

What to Expect

Our surgeons typically perform top surgery as an outpatient procedure at Community Medical Center under general anesthesia.

A variety of incision patterns may be used, with the specific technique being dependent on a patient’s scar preference as well as breast size and anatomy.


Immediately following gender mastectomy surgery, you may experience bruising, swelling, temporary soreness, sickness upon waking from anesthesia and changes in nipple sensation. You may be advised to wear a surgical chest binder to help alleviate swelling for several weeks after surgery. If you undergo free nipple grafting as part of your procedure, you will have special bolster dressings on your nipples for five days after surgery, which will be removed in clinic. You may be discharged home with surgical drains in your breasts, which will be removed when output decreases in the first one to two weeks after surgery.

You will be able to resume light activities one to two days after surgery. Usually, patients return to work within one to four weeks after surgery depending on their profession.

As with any procedure, results may vary.